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Drug-Free Pain Relief & Recovery

An evidence-based alternative modality you can use at home.


What is it and How does it work?

H-Wave uses technology that is patented, trademarked and uniquely different than all other electronic waveforms. H-Wave helps to facilitate a 'dynamic' (no tetany) muscle contraction which is the primary physiologic catalyst increase circulation and lymphatic drainage. The increase blood flow from the force of a full cycle muscle contraction naturally provides the transportation to purge and rinse the tissues of metabolites, chemical irritants and other toxic-fluid pressures, using a lymphokinetic action.

Benefits seen:

- Pain control

-Lymphatic drainage

-For Chemo-induced or Diabetic induced neuropathy

-Reduce Lymphedema

-Reduce inflammation

-Post-Op Range of Motion

- Increases Circulation


If interested, please email me for more information:

H-Wave is available for your Telehealth
Download • 908KB

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